I'm not frightened

I'm not frightened of anything. the more I suffer, the more I love. danger will only increase my love. it will sharpen it. it will give it spice. I'll be the only angel you need. you will leave life even more beautiful than you entered it. heaven will take you back and look at you and say: only one thing can make a soul complete

and that thing is love.


Experience Design said...

That was a wonderful poem.
Actually stopped the movie n got online to check who has written this piece.Gotta find that Book now.



Anonymous said...

hi! does anybody know where this quote comes from? is it from the book itself or was it written by someody else? who? thanks!!

Experience Design said...

Its from Frederich Von Schiller, "Love and Intrigue"

Hope that helps

Anonymous said...

thank you! sincerely! :) love the quote, I was in the movie and I tried to remember the words the whole way home. beautiful!

Elenka/Regina said...

after i finished the movie, i went back and wrote down the piece.. it is great!