that smile

that's what he remembered most. there it was. lila on the streetcar. lila and the lilacs in the spring. the little suppressed smile. the little half-hidden contempt. and the sadness that nothing he could do or say could ever make her smile at him in any other way.

he remembered once there was a huge cottonwood tree in the night and he stood alone under it and listened and its leaves rattled slightly in the night breeze. it had been a warm night and there was a smell of lilacs in the breeze.


but for now, let me say

without any hope or agenda, just because it's christmas (and at christmas you tell the truth) - to me, you are perfect.


и един ден ние ще се събудим отново

и дори този ден да е след милиони, милиарди години, и дори да се събудим някъде далеч от малката звезда, която помним от предишния си живот, ние няма да знаем това, защото в съня времето е послушно.

и дори да се събудим без телата, с които сме свикнали, аз ще намеря начин да те прегърна.


this is a chemical burn

it will hurt more than you've ever been burned.

you'll have a scar.