are you watching closely?

I think she's telling the truth. I think we cannot trust her. but I love her. I need her. to open myself to such a relationship, to the dangers of such an affair, I need assurances of fidelity, of love. but how to be sure?


начинът, по който произнасяш името си

и начинът, по който ме караш да се чувствам обикновен, ето тези неща няма да спрат да ме учудват. липсваш ми, а не би трябвало, но нищо.

малко е глупаво да се будя в два и да пиша тук, като ученичка се чувствам.


пие ми се

мълчана вода.
тази вечер, не утре рано.
ти мълчи. аз до теб ще седя.
дъждът ще свърши останалото.

(елена динева е великолепна, жалко, че много малко други неща намерих)


stevie wondered

whether she'd be on it. paranoia hit him. waves of fear shuddered through his body. the stakes were high, the highest ever. he couldn't see her, couldn't even picture her in his mind's eye. then she was almost upon him, different from how he thought of her, more real, even more beautiful. it was the smile, the look of emotion reciprocated. he ran the short distance to her and held her in his arms. they kissed for a long time. when they stopped, the platform was deserted and the train was well on its way to Dundee.