this is my way

of saying goodbye
because I can't do it face to face
I'm talking to you but it's too late
from my videotape

no matter what happens now
I won't be afraid
because I know today has been
the most perfect day
I've ever seen.

(на връщане днес видях руж с момичето му, играеше смърт)

чрд, м.


farewell, my lovely

you sleep so cold.
and now I'll love you forever,
my darling, I suppose.

we had everything
and still wanted more.


hold me and cry

just let the tears come out

висенето в посолството е едно от най-унизителните неща, които са ми се случвали някога.


it's amazing

the way myself responds
to the slightest touch you give me
it's so hard for you always
and the place I want to be is inside you


the road of excess

leads to the palace of wisdom.

над месец без пост, извинявам се. междувременно навършихме годинка, честито.